facebook ad campaign mistakes

12 Facebook Ad Campaign Mistakes You Can Avoid

1. Run Ad campaigns based off of CPC(Cost per Click) and CPL(Cost per Lead) Only.
2. Mostly just looking at how much money you spent and the leads got in return for a specific period of time.
3. Not knowing if your campaigns are profitable or not.
4. Still seeing Facebook Ads as a gamble.
5. Pay for Ads just because you should.
6. Only looking at Spend and Revenue Metrics.
7. Not Detailed Enough in auditing your Facebook Ad performance.
8. Only looking at immediate 28 day conversions from The Facebook Pixel.
9. Only optimizing off on Ad creative and Ad audience.
10. Not Knowing exactly how much you can pay for a click, lead and customer by funnel.
11. Not recognizing that not all audiences are created equal.
12. Being unaware of how to Increase your ROI(Return On Investment) without spending more money.

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