Why Content Marketing is Important for the Healthcare Industry

Owing to the growth in content consumption online, digital marketers are increasingly using content marketing to establish their brand authority and influence decision-making. Thanks to the technological revolutions over the past several years, consumers are now using the Internet to research everything before they make a purchase, be it a mobile phone, insurance policy or property. The healthcare industry is no exception to this emerging trend – according to the Pew Internet, nearly 62smartphone owners used their phone to look up information about a health condition in 2015.

PI_2015-04-01_smartphones_03.pngSource: PewInternet.org

Similarly, Google found that one in 20 searches performed in 2015 were for health-related information. Based on these statistics, it’s not really surprising why 75% of the healthcare marketers are currently using content marketing while 19% of them are planning to invest in content marketing to boost their ROI.

So, why exactly are healthcare marketers turning to content marketing?

Here are some compelling reasons:

Establish Brand Authority

Branding is the most critical component of every business entity. Robust branding exercise is a valuable asset in the healthcare industry where patients’ trust is vital to the very existence and growth of a healthcare business. Content marketing has proven benefits of helping wellness brands establish their brand as an authority and build loyalty in a gradual manner.  Healthcare brands such as Nuffield Health have built an enviable loyalty around their business thanks to their impressive content marketing campaigns across YouTube and Vine. Here are fifteen such healthcare and wellness brands who have made it big leveraging the power of content marketing.

Promote Your Speciality  

The intense competition in the healthcare business requires healthcare marketers to focus on their strengths and USP’s to make their products and services better. With content marketing, healthcare organizations can build awareness on their core competencies. By sharing informative visual content including videos and infographics, they can generate traction and keep their audience engaged with their brands.

Boost Your Patient Outreach

With over 77% patients using search engines before booking their appointments, the importance of content marketing has never been more profound. An increasing number of the patient population going online to find an answer to their ailment means you need a well-thought-out content marketing campaign to reach out to your prospective patients and influence their decision-making through valuable information and educational content.

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Better Search Engine Visibility

According to Think with Google’s The Digital Journey to Wellness: Hospital Selection, search drives nearly three times as many visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search visitors. When you build informative content around keywords and popular long-tail search phrases, your blog gets higher search engine visibility and attracts more visitors to your website. Digital content is the key to decision-making process with a large number of consumers seeking advice from blogs and social influencers. With content marketing, your website gains natural links from trusted sources within the healthcare industry and ranks higher on search engines for a variety of popular search queries.

Final Thoughts

An ideal content marketing strategy must include valuable information served in diverse content formats across multiple content marketing channels. This helps different patient groups consume content and engage them in varying degrees. While developing your content marketing strategies, remember to follow the best practices to get the most out of your healthcare marketing efforts and maximize your ROI.

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