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Compumagick Associates orginally started as a small business for web development but now specializes in digital marketing, social media marketing, dynamic personalized web content, analytics and reporting.

It offers a complete custom-made digital and social marketing solution to

E-Commerce:Fashion, Clothing & Accessories Companies
Beauty & Healthcare,


Hey Welcome,

We are a digital and social media marketing company,who are of the belief that a combination of creative strategies and technology can solve problems for our clients.
We strive to provide a customized complete digital and social media marketing solution that helps our clients to save time, reduce costs and incease profits by at least 30% within 3-6 months of hire.


Our mission is to provide a unique and customized complete digital and social media marketing solution that enables our clients to grow and maximize revenue by at least 30% without breaking the bank through the use of mobile technology within 3-6 months of hire.

What We Do

We offer Facebook Ads Management,Chatbot Marketing,Social Media Marketing ,dynamic Audience Segment and Content Personalization.
You know how E-commerce site owners, Healthcare marketing|sales managers struggle to generate leads and convert to paying customers and patients.
Well we help them with that generate high-value leads,close sales using Facebook ads management and personalized dynamic right message. We also offer marketing analytics and reporting to help CEOs and other key decision-makers make data driven decisions for the success of the companies they lead.

Our Skills

Facebook Ads Management
Social Media Marketing
Dynamic Personalized Content

Springfield Office

1760 Wabash Ave #9181
Springfield, IL 62791


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